Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Goin' Solo (Thanks Ray Kennedy)

Hey, I'm playing a solo acoustic show / Sunset Cruise on board the Diamond Lady yacht on Lake Okoboji in NW Iowa next Saturday, June 13, 2015.  It boards at Okoboji Boat Works (OBW) and is brought to you by the good folks at Parks Marina.

With that in mind, I got to thinking about how I got started doing my very first solo acoustic shows (after so many fun years of band shows).

Here's the story...

So, you ever notice that just when a need comes up something else comes up that fills that need?

Well, in late 2004 I had finished working with my previous band and thought it would be good for me to get out and play some intimate solo acoustic shows.

I had been singing and playing in bands since I was 14, but never had gone out and played my own songs with no other musicians on stage.  So this was a big deal to me.

One day, I was talking with Ray Kennedy (a friend that I met at Track Record, the recording studio I managed in North Hollywood) and he told me about some of his upcoming concerts and mentioned that he was looking at potential opening acts.  Well, that was all I needed to hear.  I told him about what I was up to and he said I sounded perfect for these shows.  Turns out my buddy, John Carter was going to be running sound all night so I would be in good hands.

The shows were a blast.  Ray was quite the showman and took the audience through all stages of his career and his all-star band was such a treat.

What a great way to get started doing my solo acoustic shows.

RIP Ray Kennedy and THANK YOU!

Check out this article I found that told about these shows.  I tried to find the original to link to, but couldn't find it online.  So, I hope I'm not doing anything wrong printing it here in my blog.  I did not write the article.  It was written by Bill Locey for the Ventura Star newspaper.  here it is:

Leader of the Jam

Music vet Ray Kennedy lords over a freewheeling, fun evening of classic rock in Agoura Hills

By Bill Locey / Ventura Star

January 13, 2005

With a lot of help from a ton of friends, Ray Kennedy is set to pack The Canyon in Agoura Hills on Monday night with fans who like classic rock and the classic rockers who play it.

Kennedy, a musician who has a history dating back to the early days of rock 'n' roll, ditched his Beverly Hills digs more than a year ago and moved to Oak Park. Since November, he's been inviting some of his high-powered musical pals over to The Canyon for biweekly Monday night jam sessions.

The shows are loose and informal, with the 58-year-old Kennedy serving as both performer and emcee, alternatively singing and chatting it up with fans in the audience. He's got stories to tell for sure, having toured with Otis Redding and the Rolling Stones and having been the lead singer in bands fronted by Jeff Beck and Michael Schenker.

He's fronted groups himself, too, including the '70s-era blues-rock group KGB (with Mike Bloomfield on guitar, Rick Gretch from Traffic on bass, Carmen Appice on drums and Barry Goldberg on keyboards).

An accomplished songwriter, Kennedy co-wrote the Beach Boys' "Sail On Sailor" with Brian Wilson, a pair of late '70s smashes for the Babys ("Isn't It Time" and "Everytime I Think of You") and album cuts for Fleetwood Mac and Dave Mason.

The Philadelphia native came out west in 1968 and has been making music in SoCal ever since.

Tell me about this gig at The Canyon. It's you and a bunch of friends, right?

On drums is Steve Feronne, the original drummer with the Average White Band, who's played with Clapton and Tom Petty. On bass is Dave Santos; he was with Billy Joel for over 10 years. On one keyboard is Jeff Paris; he was with Crosby, Stills & Nash, James Taylor and Aretha Franklin. On the other keyboard is Steve Goomas; he played with Carole King for years. Miles Joseph is on guitar and he's my band leader; he's played with Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan and lots more. On the other guitar is John Sterling; he produced all the Eric Burdon albums and he was the only other guitarist ever listed on a Jimi Hendrix album. He's a great, great guitar player.

I'd say these characters have had a few hits between them.

Oh God, yeah. Larry Meyers is on violin; he played with Dylan for years and years. Jimmy Z is on sax and harmonica; he played with Etta James, the Eurythmics and numerous others. Gia Ciambotti does background vocals; she was with Bruce Springsteen for over seven years. John Melon is another background singer; he sang with Phil Collins for 12 years. And Carol Kennedy, my wife, sings, too. She had her own punk band called CC Roller. That's the band.

Wow! This could be the Ray Kennedy Orchestra.

I bring them up in different stages. We do some rock, then I do some of the pretty stuff with violin and keyboard. It's a great night of music. The people I have picked are all real interesting characters. They're all personalities, and they're all band players. It's like we've been playing forever. It's a nice gathering; it's a beautiful night. It's a blessed night, and everyone has a good time. It's not open mike, but a couple of people I've known for years will pop in now and then.

How do you decide which songs to do?

We do mostly my songs, but my wife will do a song she wrote and then Gia will do one of her songs. At different times when we feel it, someone else will sing a song.

Everybody on their own writes, and everybody is really good. I'm lucky to have all these great people playing with me; they're all into it. It's all a lot of good feeling, like the old days in the '60s.

On that note, tell me a Brian Wilson story.

Danny Hutton, one of the original singers of Three Dog Night, called me in 1970 when I was singing with Jeff Beck and said, "Hey, we need a hit song." So I went over to his house, and Brian was there in a little room with a piano and they stuck me in that room with Brian. We were there for three days and ended up writing "Sail on Sailor," which was originally intended for Three Dog. We went in and cut the basic tracks with Three Dog Night; we hadn't slept in about a week. Then Brian got up with a razor blade and cut the tapes and said, "Only Ray Kennedy or Van Dyke Parks can do this song." And he left. We all stood there looking at each other going, "What?"

He called me every day after that, and I wouldn't talk to him. Three or four years later, I heard it on the radio and went, "Who's that?" It turns out the song came out on the Beach Boys' "Holland" album.

When did you know you were going to be a musician?

I bought a plastic sax when I was 8 years old and I learned to play that. Later, when I was 131/2, I was on "American Bandstand." I had to hitchhike from New Jersey and walk over the bridge. I stood out in the rain for four months and finally they picked me to go in, and I became a regular on "Bandstand." There were hundreds of people out there; I finally schmoozed my way in, and Dick Clark said, "Let him in." From then on I was a regular in the dance contests and all that. One day Dick said: "Hey Ray, bring your sax and I'll give you five bucks. Whenever the Platters, Little Richard or Bobby Freeman show up, I'll have you up there pantomiming, and I'll give you five bucks.

You saw a few cool acts, I would assume.

Yeah, I met Sly Stone on "Bandstand" when I was 14. I saw the Platters and the Four Seasons. Dion & the Belmonts were my buddies. I met everyone. One day, I was sitting in a diner with a girl, wearing my Ray Charles shades — I thought I was cool — when I overheard this guy say that his tenor sax player had OD'd, so I said, "I can play tenor sax." He asked, "Are you 16?" I said, "Of course I am," but I was only 14. I went and got my sax and never went home. After three months, I ended up with Dizzy Gillespie. Then from him I went to Buddy Rich and from him I went to Gene Krupa. We worked in these jazz clubs that were also strip clubs.

Sounds like a dream gig for a teenager.

Yeah, but I was only 15. There was too much heroin. There was no beginning and no ending. Next, a friend and I moved to Paducah, Ky., and ended up playing with Brenda Lee. Then we went to Macon, Ga., and played with Wilson Pickett. From Pickett, I went to Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Otis Redding. I ended up being one of the sax players on all the Sam & Dave records on Stax Records. Later Otis gave me 500 bucks and said, "Baby Ray — he always called me Baby Ray — go back to New York. I want you to sing."

How'd that work out?

Great. I was in a group called Jon & Ray and we were the first R&B group Ahmet Ertegun signed to Atlantic Records in the middle of '63. Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and Phil Spector produced our first album. We were like the New York Righteous Brothers. We were the first to record Neil Diamond songs before he made it big. Then Jon flipped out on LSD ... and has been in a mental institution ever since. In '65, I started a band called Group Therapy. We went to England and toured with the Stones .

What was it like playing with Otis Redding?

Otis was the dearest man, one of the sweetest men I've ever met. Him and his wife were just two of the greatest people I ever knew in my life. Uncle Otis, you know?

How has the biz side of things changed over the years?

People don't have to be good anymore. To me, people have forgotten the purpose and the artistic side and the soulful side. For myself, I just want to create great music.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about music as a job?

Don't do it as a job. Don't. If it's a passion and you feel a purpose, do it. It's not a business. It's definitely not a bankable business.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Alan Morphew Band

With a bunch of shows coming up this Summer, I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the new band in town... The Alan Morphew Band.

Yes, that says Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at The Inn at Okoboji.
We will be playing poolside from 5 to 7pm.

And yes, it also says Friday, May 29, 2015 at The Barefoot Bar in Okoboji, IA.
We'll be out among the Iowa palm trees playing from 7 to 10pm.

GREAT Lineup!
Alan Morphew - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jennifer Johnson - Keyboards
Gary Lambert - Drums
Sarah Morphew - Percussion
Tim Schumacher - Bass Guitar

Please come check out one or both of these shows if you're in the area.
We sure hope to see you there!
These will be very fun shows.
Don't miss out!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Starting... NOW!!!

I'm back... And I missed you.

I thought it was about time to get some things back in order, so here we are.  Hopefully you are reading this latest blog post from the new blog page at the all new updated alanmorphew.com website.


If you are there, I hope you enjoy the new website.  I am going to try to keep it interesting, so please keep an eye on it.

I think this blog page will be a good one.  Over the next several months I plan to not only keep you posted on what is happening in my life and music, but also tell the story of how I got here.

Watch out.  You'll be reading all the dirt.  Everything fit for press and some that's probably not.  Starting out in the heartland of the midwest and going, from there, through the Hollywood years and beyond.

But today is a good day to talk about today.  It only comes once, you know.

The story begins here...
Sarah and I are taking our son, Dylan Gabriel Morphew on a big journey to the East Coast.  Maybe kind of like some of the tours we did over the last several years, but most likely not like that at all.

I have been ready for a new adventure for a while now.  And what could be a better adventure than driving to Boston to write songs with my dear friend Stephen Ferrara.

Stevo and I go back quite a ways.

First, I was a huge fan of his band, Wonderland.  They had recorded at Track Record when I was there and I was always in awe of Stephen's ability to make his guitar come to life and speak to me.

The critically acclaimed Wonderland "The End of Bliss" CD is still a favorite of mine.  Billboard and Rolling Stone compared it to Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy and Queen's A Night at the Opera.  It's one of those rare releases that doesn't seem to have any "filler".  When it goes into the CD player, it plays straight through to the last notes and nothing ever seems to satisfy me as a chaser to that one.  Stunning work.  Great songwriting, playing and singing.

One day at the studio he invited me into the control room to hear this monster Jimmy Page-type riff he had been working on.  I loved it and asked him to come up to my office to, in turn, hear some tracks I had been working on.  He asked me "what kind of diabolical madness was I brewing up there" and agreed to come check out the recordings.

He said he liked what I was working on and that maybe he could "add a little danger to it".  Sounded good to me.  So we scheduled some time to record him playing guitar on my first two solo CDs (Alan Morphew and 4 More).

Oh Happy Day!

Years later, after Stephen had returned to the east coast and I to the midwest, I caught back up with him and we played a show together at The Boulevard in Revere, Ma.  Great times!

So there's a little history for ya...
A bit of the past...
Now on to the future...
And most importantly, the present...  The NOW.

More to come...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Alan Morphew and The Hit

That's right. You heard it. My new band is up and running and ready to bring on the party.

While travelling around and playing my music for the last few years, I sure have gotten to play with a lot of great musicians. But it was time for me to find the right bunch of guys and work hard with them to build the very best band around.  

Alan Morphew and The Hit is:  

Alan Morphew - Lead vocals, bass guitar
Peter Dotson - Lead guitar, vocals
Mariano Flores - Drums, percussion 
- Additional players are available.  
Alan Morphew and The Hit is available to perform as a 3 to 7 piece band.  

And yes, you will still find me playing my solo acoustic shows. I love the raw intimacy of a solo acoustic performance. But I also want to do higher energy shows that keep the room dancing and the party flowing.  So let me tell you more about Peter and Mariano.  

Peter Dotson... Peter was raised in Iowa, like myself.  And, like myself, he lives for his music.  A respected guitar teacher and player in the Minneapolis area, Peter is fluent in many styles of music and can add some nice flow or a little extra edge, depending on the song.  He prides himself in playing for the song - something that I believe is very important.  
Peter also prides himself in his role as a Minneapolis recording engineer.  Considering the number of hours I personally spend engineering and producing my CDs, I am thinking that having another "studio rat" on board should be a big help on the next one.  He already has been recording the band live at rehearsals to make our live band demo.  

Mariano Flores was raised in Mexico City and started his career drumming in the resorts of beautiful Cozumel. He now resides in Minneapolis and is a well-respected and sought-after drummer and latin percussionist in the MSP area.  

Always on.  Never makes a mistake.  And when the rest of us get lost in an extended jam and we can't find our way back out, Mariano is there to guide us back to the song.  

This is a great band.  I really hope you enjoy what we're doing.  For original songs, we are playing all of your favorites from my CDs.  For cover songs, you can expect to hear a good variety of very familiar songs that you just don't hear bands do every day.  Of course plenty of Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.  But also everything from Prince to Johnny Cash.  From Jane's Addiction to David Bowie.  From Maroon 5 to Elvis.  All smokin' arrangements.  All high energy and fun.  

I am blessed to have found these guys and we're ready to play some music for you.

Click "play" to hear us jamming through some songs at rehearsal (some of my originals followed by some classic covers).  And let's book some shows.  If you love live music, I think you'll agree that it doesn't get any better than this.  

Listen below to these live performances from recent rehearsals.  All Completely Live... no studio tricks.  This is Alan Morphew and The Hit in the raw.  

Band promo photos by Sarah Morphew  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hear "The American Dream" on a radio station near you

Well, my new CD "The American Dream" is now playing on a growing number of radio stations across the US.  I don't have the list of internet stations yet, but at the bottom of this post you will find the ever-growing list of "terrestrial" radio stations that have added "The American Dream" by Alan Morphew to their playlist.    

You don't have to try to call all the stations and request my songs over and over... radio stations have caught on to that trick.  But if you are near one of these cities and happen to be a listener of one of the stations... radio stations do love to hear from their listeners.  

So, if you find a station on this list that you listen to, feel free to call them and let them know you'd like to hear songs from "The American Dream" by Alan Morphew.  

Here are 74 stations (from here to Kalamazoo) for you to start with:   

station: Location:
ACRN Athens, OH
KASF Alamosa, CO
KAYL Storm Lake, IA
KCHA Charles City, IA
KCHE Cherokee, IA
KFAI Minneapolis, MN
KGRR Dubuque, IA
KICG Oskaloosa, IA
KJAN Atlantic, IA
KKMI Burlington, IA
KLKK Mason City, IA
KMAQ Maquoketa, IA
KRVS Lafayette, LA
KSDB Manhattan, KS
KUNI Cedar Falls, IA
KUOO Spirit Lake, IA
KUYY Spencer, IA
KVSC St. Cloud, MN
KWUR St. Louis, MO
WARC Meadville, PA
WBRS Waltham, MA
WCCM Randolph, NJ
WCFM Williamstown, MA
WCLH Wilkes-Barre, PA
WCVF Fredonia, NY
WCWM Williamsburg, VA
WCWS Wooster, OH
WDBK Blackwood, NJ
WDJM Framingham, MA
WECS Willimantic, CT
WECX St. Petersburg, FL
WFCS New Britain, CT
WGLS Glassboro, NJ
WGSU Geneseo, NY
WHFR Dearborn, MI
WHRW Binghamton, NY
WIDR Kalamazoo, MI
WJJW North Adams, MA
WKNH Keene, NH
WKPS University Park, PA
WLVR Bethlehem, PA
WMHC South Hadley, MA
WMSE Milwaukee, WI
WMUC College Park, MD
WMUH Allentown, PA
WMWM Salem, MA
WNHU West Haven, CT
WNMC Traverse City, MI
WNMH Northfield, MA
WNYO Oswego, NY
WOUB Athens, OH
WQSU Selinsgrove, PA
WRBB Boston, MA
WRFW River Falls, WI
WRHU Hempstead, NY
WRKC Wilkes-Barre, PA
WRRG River Grove, IL
WRUV Burlington, VT
WSCW Worcester, MA
WSDP Canton, MI
WSHL North Easton, MA
WSPN Saratoga Springs, NY
WSYC Shippensberg, PA
WTSR Ewing, Trenton, NJ
WUSO Springfield, OH
WUSR Scranton, PA
WVKC Galesburg, IL
WVMW Scranton, PA
WWSU Dayton, OH
WXCI Danbury, CT
WXOU Rochester, MI

Love and Peace, 

Radio Promotion by:  
and Music Associates (Midwest) 

CD cover art by:  

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"The American Dream" nomanated "Best Americana Album of the Year" - 2009 LA Music Awards

"The American Dream" by Alan Morphew 
has been nominated "Best Americana Album of the Year
in the 2009 Los Angeles Music Awards!  

The final voting event is Thurs, Oct 8 at The Whiskey in Hollywood, CA.  
Los Angeles Music Awards event is Thurs, Nov 12 at The Music Box Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.  

Love and Peace, 

The Alan Morphew Band now booking

Rehearsals up in Minneapolis have been great and The Alan Morphew Band is now booking shows for Spring and Summer '09.  

I still love playing solo acoustic shows, and you will still see me out there doing that.  But I also wanted to get out there with a high-energy band and rock, too.  Let's party and dance and have us a good time!  

The guys I've been working with are all great players and cool to hang with, too.  It's inspiring to me how much they add to the music.  They sound great on my songs AND we are working up some choice covers.  Songs you'll want to hear again and again.  Classic Rock, 90's Rock, current stuff, and more than a few surprises.  This band is definitely a "must-see, must-hear, must-enjoy" experience!  

More info, photos, videos, songlists, etc. will be posted soon!  

And check the schedule at AlanMorphew.com for updates.  

If you are (or know someone else that is) on the entertainment committee for your local street dance, county fair dance, or summer concert, etc, please contact us for booking info.  We'd love to add your show to our schedule!  

Looking forward to (and currently enjoying) a great year!  

Love and Peace, 

Saturday, March 28, 2009



Peace and Love, 

New info on H.R. 875

Not sure if I passed on any misleading and untrue information to you in my previous post.  Looks like some of the info on the internet about H.R. 875 is untrue.  

Apparently Rep. Rosa DeLauro's Husband does not work for Monsanto.  The bill is supposed to focus on ensuring the safety of food in interstate commerce.  And Rep DeLauro has been meeting with organic farmers and is drawing up a proposed list of amendments to H.R. 875 based on those meetings.  

Here is a link to the story that I found about it.  Thank you Nonny Mouse!

I still say keep an eye on this one, though.  It's about the food we eat.  Something big is going on here.  

I am happy that they are meeting with organic farmers and writing amendments based on those meetings.  But I am still going to let them know I am keeping an eye on this very important legislation (that SHOULD actually make our food safer by putting tougher restrictions on imported foods.  This SHOULD make farmer's markets even stronger.)  

Check out this video about H.R. 875:

And here is a new petition against H.R. 875 that I found.  

Peace and Love, 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About our food and HR 875 - Act Now!

"If you control oil, you control nations.  
If you control food, you control people." 
                          -Henry Kissinger  

So what's up with House Resolution 875?...

...Here is the full text of the bill.  

(The full text of this post is coming back soon.  After I check out the info presented.)  

Love and Peace, 

West Coast 12/08 to 03/09

I love my job...  

We got out of Iowa just in time to miss a major snow-blanketing of the area.  As usual, we didn't get out of NW IA nearly as early in the day as we had planned.  Drove straight from Estherville, IA to Fort Collins, CO.  Got to see Jeff and Mindy, then went with them to see Alex and Rachael in Boulder.  Enjoyed our meal while we watched some cops beat up a guy on the street.  

Then we took off and drove straight from Fort Collins, CO to Glendale, CA. Hey, that was twenty-some hours straight... not complaining at all... a little used to this kind of thing by now... maybe a little tired, though...

(oh, by the way, this is near the spot on Glenoaks Bl in Glendale, CA where I would have bit it - if I was meant to be taken out by a flying car or two, immediately following their collision.)  

December was great for spending some time with family and friends.  And again this year, I sang with the "National In-Choir".  As is tradition with the group, we went around to different charities to sing Christmas Carols for people.  Sarah also joined the choir for some performances this year.  What a great way to end the year.  And what a great bunch of singers to get to sing with.  

We had ourselves a happy holiday season and even got to be amateur dog-walkers for a friend.   

January was good for getting out to a few music industry panels.  Those can be good for new ideas and for helping to keep up on your game.  They are also good for networking.  Met some new artists there and also ran into many people I already knew.  Thank you Music Connection, COSMO, Pitch-a-thon, NARIP, Discmakers, ASCAP, West LA Music, Conscious Life Expo, etc.  And thank you, panelists.  

My show on Jan. 20 at Room 5 was a blast... Until I broke a string.  Finished the set with a few songs that I figured wouldn't sound too bad on the 5-string guitar I was currently playing.  Sarah and I had a fun time after the show with Rachel and Vinnie until I figured out that my next show, scheduled for Feb. 1 at The Mint was scheduled to take place on Superbowl Sunday...  This was very bad news...  

In all my years of booking at the studio, I always joked that the order of importance of modern holidays is:  

#1 - Christmas... the classic numero uno.  Nearly impossible to get the average American to leave the comfort of his own home during this holiday.  

#2 - Superbowl Sunday... Second only to Christmas.  This is one holiday that is not to be taken lightly!  

#3 - Sadly... all the rest of the holidays on the calendar.  

And my next show was scheduled for Superbowl Sunday at The Mint.  I can't take it.  Does the fun never end?  

Made it through the Superbowl Sunday show at The Mint. Thanks to "Cosmic" Carl Breitweiser on percussion. And to people like Vinnie, Sarah, Rachel, Reena, Kristy, Jeremiah, Kate, Vinnie, Leah, Grams, Lisa & Phil, Phyllis, and Judd (to name a very notable few).  And Moshav, a great LA band from Israel, tore it up after my set.  Was the Super Bowl really all that? 

No broken strings tonight... but notice I am well-prepared with the new backup guitar that I picked up for $20 on craigslist.


Look closely at Carl (the percussionist)... recognize him from the Dirty Hippie lighters?... "How 'bout it?"...  

With the coming of Feb, I started getting CDs out to some music industry people while my radio promoters started a national radio promotion campaign.  Jon Flanagan Radio Promotions in Hollywood, CA is running the national radio campaign and Music Associates is focusing heavily on select midwestern states.  By the middle of Feb, Jon Flanagan had reported to me that "The American Dream" was getting spins on over 50 stations, nationwide... and with more being added all the time.  Great news!  I'll take some more.  

I slowly started building my facebook page...
and soon figured out that Facebook seems to be the way that people want to communicate this year.  Old bandmates, old schoolmates, old friends from when I ran the studio... they all seem to be on Facebook now.  Another networking website.  That is some good news.  How about a little more?  

And it came... my songs were accepted with a company that will help me to get my songs placed in television and movies.  Finally a company that is non-exclusive and does not charge me any up-front fees.  More great news!  But I'd take even more...

Then my phone rang... it was Al Bowman from the Los Angeles Music Awards.  He said something to the effect of "Alan, I really think you hit the nail on the head with this CD.  I am going to nominate 'The American Dream' for 'Best Americana Album of the Year' in the 2009 LA Music Awards.  Alan, don't give up the dream."  


My show at Room 5 on Feb 20 was some of the most fun I've had so far this year.  And again, it was because of the people.  Thanks Sarah, Rachel, Reena, Jon, Jessica, Aris, Phyllis, Faith, Fesh, Lisa, Phil, Cari, Peter, Hoagie, Sue, Berdo, Amy, Alex, Freddy, Travis, Rob, Carla, and everyone else who helped make it a great night.  Voyce McGinley III (drums and percussion on "The American Dream") did his usual excellent job on percussion.  

And here's a little more fun from the night:

Next stop Sarah and I were special in-classroom guests at Jefferson Elementary in Glendale, CA. We got to sing some songs with the students in Ms. Miller's class. They sounded great. It really was a good time. But with songs like Blowin' In the Wind, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, This Land is Your Land, etc. you just can't lose. I was especially pleased to find out that most of the students are already starting to learn a musical instrument. 

Spent a little more time with family, then packed up the minivan, pulled over long enough to let a massive high-speed chase pass us by, and headed down the freeway.  Highlights on this leg of the journey include stopping in at radio stations KBCO, KCSU, KRFC, KVCU, and KRNU as well as getting a little more time in Colorado with Jeff, Mindy, Alex & Rachel (with no adjacent police violence this time).   

Looks like the snow-blanketing that we conveniently missed out on as we drove from the Heartland to the West Coast way back in November was the same type of snow-blanketing that we had in store for our trip back to the Heartland.  Only it melted before we got all the way back here...  And it's not coming back anytime soon... right... right?  

Love and Peace, 

Photos by Sarah Morphew